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Since 1936, no other auction company has sold more agricultural land in Southwestern Indiana than Curran Miller Auction / Realty. This expertise led to the invention of The Freedom Tract Auction Method. The Freedom Tract Auction Method is an innovative computer system created to sell large tracts of land at auction. Designed by Curran Miller Auction/Realty, Freedom Tract has become one of the most effective and desirable approaches for selling any real estate that can be divided into parcels or "tracts." As bids are entered, this proprietary technology sorts and determines the combination of bids totaling the highest price. Then, the completions are projected on large screens as first, second & third-place finishes, including totals at the bottom of each screen.

With Freedom Tract, potential buyers are able to bid on any individual or combination of parcels, as they desire. All bidding remains open until the conclusion of the auction. This allows all bidders the opportunity to raise their offer on any individual tract or combination of tracts -- including the entire property -- until bidding is exhausted.

The Freedom Tract auction method offers many benefits to our sellers. If a very large tract of land is offered at auction, many potential buyers are excluded from bidding, because they may not want or cannot afford to purchase the entire property. With Freedom Tract, the pool of potential bidders is greatly enlarged, resulting in higher prices for our sellers. In addition, our process ensures that all bidders have a fair and equal opportunity to acquire the real estate they want to purchase.

Curran Miller Auction / Realty, Inc. conducts ag land auctions across a wide geographic area but predominantly operates in southwestern Indiana, including Vanderburgh, Posey, Warrick & Gibson counties, southern Illinois, and northern Kentucky. 
"We were extremely happy with Curran Miller Auction/Realty. They recently sold a farm for us in northern Indiana. 
It was a first-class operation from publicity, website, online bidding, and attentiveness to our needs and desires. I highly recommend them."
Susan Barkley, 77 Acres, Lafayette, IN.